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Q as in "cue" as in "to prompt." A recipe is only the beginning…

Apple, Onion, and Cheddar Cheese Omelette

I may be the last person to realize that apples are an excellent option for omelettes, but better late than never! With it being apple season, I of course have … Continue reading

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Simply the Best Roast Chicken!

Sometimes simple does it just fine.  Take chicken, for example.You can dress it up, cut it up, marinade it, grill it, and use it in innumerable recipes for soups, stir … Continue reading

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Caldo Verde: A Classic Fall or Winter Soup from Cook’s Illustrated

I admit it. I am totally in love with my magazine and online subscriptions to Cook’s Illustrated, even though I do find some of the recipes a bit fussy for … Continue reading

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Under Pressure: A Tough Old Bird Goes Tender

Upon learning that I had never prepared a stewing hen, Jeff from Copicut Farms suggested I try one since he knows I like to experiment in the kitchen. Spoiler Alert: … Continue reading

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What the Hake? It’s really good!

Last week Michelle The Fish Lady (aka Globe Fish at the Wakefield Farmers Market) recommended that I try some hake, a white fish that is similar in flavor to haddock … Continue reading

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Kale Chips: easy, foolproof, and even the dog likes them!

I have tried making kale chips here and there over the years but was never that impressed with the results. But finally, I have learned a few tricks that guarantee … Continue reading

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Easy Roots and Greens Saute

Start with beets, carrots, baby turnips, and greens: Heat some olive oil in a pan, add root veggies, and saute: Turn heat to very low, cover, let cook until tender, … Continue reading

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