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Q as in "cue" as in "to prompt." A recipe is only the beginning…

Simply the Best Roast Chicken!

Sometimes simple does it just fine.  Take chicken, for example.You can dress it up, cut it up, marinade it, grill it, and use it in innumerable recipes for soups, stir … Continue reading

10/29/2013 · 1 Comment

Under Pressure: A Tough Old Bird Goes Tender

Upon learning that I had never prepared a stewing hen, Jeff from Copicut Farms suggested I try one since he knows I like to experiment in the kitchen. Spoiler Alert: … Continue reading

10/17/2013 · 1 Comment

Roasted Chicken Quarters with Fennel, Green Onions, and Potatoes

Last Saturday, I could not resist getting a just-picked fennel bulb from Farmer Dave and some lovely big green onions from Flats Mentor Farm.  And, the week before, I had … Continue reading

07/20/2012 · Leave a comment

Spicy rub for chicken, grilled sweet potatoes, cabbage saute – all with no garlic or onion!?!

It was a hot day and I knew Steve would want to grill and I didn’t want to spend the money on pre-marinated chicken or the like. But, I didn’t … Continue reading

06/19/2011 · Leave a comment

Unbelievable Chicken “All-in-One” Casserole

Okay – this is REALLY GOOD.  Unbelievably good, in my opinion – with that opinion shared by my husband.  It is a WOW. It gets even better when leftover and … Continue reading

05/15/2010 · Leave a comment

Stone Soup with Chicken

Leftover chicken, leftover brown rice, leftover whole wheat spaghetti…well, the pasta will have to be used for something else, but I just made a great soup with a bunch of … Continue reading

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