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Spam Haiku: In memory of a good friend

I just learned that my friend Mark Yannone, whom I met years ago on an epilepsy message board, died last summer. We had last emailed in May 2009 and then, as  sometimes happened over the years, lost touch for a while.  I was just looking him up again when I discovered that he had died.  I never did meet him in person, but we had an ongoing online friendship that spanned everything from political  sparring (he was Libertarian to an extreme) to nonjudgmental emotional support.  In between was the haiku phase.  In particular,  the Spam Haiku phase.  That would be of the porcine variety.  🙂  I would like to publicly thank Mark for introducing me to this seemingly never-ending source of entertainment.  Enjoy and be glad we didn’t get into trading Spam recipes.  <grin>



–Wendy Dennis and Mark Yannone, &

I’ll miss you, Mark.


One comment on “Spam Haiku: In memory of a good friend

  1. David

    This is a photo and music tribute to Mark. You’ll know him a little better after watching it.

    Thanks for your kind words.

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