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pork chops were great, but frozen entree tonight

No time to cook tonight (off to choir practice this evening and still need to catch up on the daily tasks for the business after a LONG day of more depreciation adjustments…) but the pork chops came out great last night.

I steamed some frozen skinny green beans from Trader Joes and put some of the pan sauce on them, too, when I served. I left the potatoes as is, since they were slightly crunchy and had enough butter in/on them already. All in all, a good meal, and it looked pretty, too. Good thing I had the four potatoes and two apples (and that was all the potatoes and apples I had). And, I always make sure to have onions and garlic around. Although, I guess I would have otherwise served rice and made a pinapple pan sauce since I always have rice and a can of pineapple around.
Anway – nothing fancy tonight. Although, the frozen lasagna (I forget the brand at the moment) has no trans fats and has very reasonable levels of fat, calories, and salt. Could be worse. 🙂 At least I can make a fresh salad to go with it.


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